i-Study Skills

Orroe is an academic enrichment organization that empowers the students to achieve their learning goals with the core concept of four fundamental basis: i-math, language arts, i-presentation and study skills. We offer quality educational services characterized by the synthesis of research, teaching and learning. A place of “skills and academic enrichment” is our brand concept, as we believe that nothing is impossible; everything is possible.
In Academics study and competence, study skills and study techniques have great importance. At Orroe, we have our way to apply this study skills and strategies within your child through i-math, i-English, and i-presentation. They are fundamental to procure good grades at every stage of life. It helps your child to acquire knowledge and skills with only little effort throughout their academic life. Study skills will make your child study and learn efficiently with an essential set of changing academic skills. Study skills help our valued students keep their motivation high and achieve their goals more easily and more efficiently.


Making child an efficient learner
Strengthening Confidence
Developing Efficiency
Training students for high-stakes tests
Enabling students to be practical
Establish the ability to be good at decisions
Enlarge students minds to think Critically & Creatively


Presentation skills are the skills that are crucial to express your knowledge or to transform any challenge into a success. Orroe provides a unique, individually focused and ingenious approach to teach effective presentation skills that raise children's confidence and abilities to express their academic knowledge essentially. To provide positive learning experiences and to improve communication of the children presentation skill is imperatively crucial.

In a classroom environment, effective communication allows students to learn what the teacher teaches. We effectively train our students with professional & well-experienced educators to gain the best of it. Presentation skills help to make our students successful in any walk of life.


Develop self-confidence

Gain real-world skills, such as the ability to present accomplishments and skills

Helps in Further education or academic life

Students can Motivates listeners with the I-presentation skill

Develops the ability to be a good presenter

Prep Programs

Orroe, a place where we monitor each student's individual goals, way of learning and educational needs and pair our mentors with those students accordingly.

To explore every child's skills and to enhance their learning capabilities we have diverse customized programs, excellent prep program, and expert mentors to meet every student's unique learning requirements. Our advance prep programs enable the children to achieve good results in EQAO assessments on Grade 3, 6 and 9, achieve SAT, ACT good grades, admissions into International Baccalaureate (IB), Talented Offerings for Programs in the Sciences (TOPS) programs and advance college-level skills. We teach children to make them reach a new height of success in their academic life.


Improve Memorization

Enhance Time Management Skill

Boost Students Confidence

Minimize Students Anxiety at Exams

Develop Mind for Quick Solutions

Enable students to achieve good results in EQAO assessments on Grade 3, 6 and 9

Prepare students to achieve good scores in SAT, ACT examinations

Prepare students to get admissions into International Baccalaureate (IB), Talented Offerings for Programs in the Sciences (TOPS) programs

Grading Examination

Grading Exam (GE) is an annual standardized testing system organized by ORROE. The GE focuses on two important sections in the program: The i- Math and the i- English.

Each participating student is recognized for their achievements during the past year. The participation certificate will be sent to the local campus. Only the winners will be selected and brought together at a special awards ceremony.

 Objectives of GE


To enrich the academic standard of each student.


To advocate the learning is a great tool in order to improve the overall skills.


To encourage one’s capability in ORROE examinations upon completion of each level.


Eligibility to participate in the ORROE graduation ceremony.

After successfully completing the test, a certificate is awarded to each student.

Talent Search Competition (TSC)

ORROE Talent Search Competition is a great approach that gives the students to showcase their talents and proficiency in Math, Language and Presentation Skills. Each student is awarded a certificate and participation medal.


A great platform to participate and compete among other students.

A Competitive pitch allows students to showcase their talents awards ceremony.

Trophies and certificates will be awarded to Champion, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Runner-up for each category at the Awards Ceremony.

Beyond The School Program!

ORROE’s Integrated program works differently than the traditional school system. Through our beyond the school services, students achieve their true potentials, not just for one grade or one year, but for life skills and academic development. We create an opportunity for your child to develop knowledge and skills through our self-learning techniques at their own pace.

Just two to four hours a week can change your child to make a difference in developing the right attitudes, skills and habits to succeed, no matter where your child's subject or grade level. With the help of the techniques, children learn not only by listening and memorizing but also by practicing. We maintain an individual student’s profile that helps parents keep up-to-date about their children's progress. We emphasize to prepare classwork and home assignments based on individual student progress and requirements. Students, who start and finish the courses step by step following our designed curriculum, will be confident enough later to complete their own assignments alone without someone’s help. We split the cycle of appointing tutors year-after-year.

We excel in exploring your children's hidden potentials, retention, use, and applications in their lives. ORROE is a child’s fantasy to utilize their natural sense of speculation and interest to boost learning.

Award Ceremony

ORROE Award Ceremony is a formal occasion at which awards and trophies are given to honor achievement in a particular field in each specific category.

Each participating student is recognized for their achievements during the past year. The participation certificate will be sent to the local campus. Only the winners will be selected and brought together at a special awards ceremony.

ORROE loyalty program that rewards students for attending ORROE Campus. The loyalty program motivates them as they work through the ORROE program. Students earn points for every completed month they attend ORROE, plus bonus points for as long as they’re enrolled. These points can be redeemed for exciting rewards. If students are enrolled in our Math and Language programs, they’ll earn points for both subjects.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony is an annual event. It is organized to honor and recognize the students who complete ORROE program.
Upon successful completion of the Advanced Module, graduation is awarded to every ORROE students.
An appreciation and recognition of student achievements
On stage individual plaque
A certificate is awarded to each graduate.

Registration Process


Contact Us

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Confirm Registration

Once you think ORROE is the right program for your child, please confirm registration and payments.


Schedule an Assessment

To determine the students’ academic skills and proficiency level, schedule an assessment that will take 1-2 hours.


Report Discusssion

The campus director will discuss about your child’s proficiency level


Level Placement

The campus director will determine the level as per the placement report


Class Starts

The class will start based on the student’s level selected.