What is ORROE?

ORROE is an afterschool and supplemental children skills and academic enrichment program. It is an integrated method of children skills development, which includes English, math, presentation, study skills and science and technology. ORROE is committed to creating a new era of young children equipped to overcome the challenges of a competitive growing environment and develops skills needed to use their true potentials.

What is the right age for ORROE?

Students may start this program through preschool through junior grade. Brain cells are tremendously active between the ages of 4 to about 14, when the brain is super active. In addition, childhood is the peak time to enhance and utilize the full potentials of their brain.

How do we determine the student benchmark?

Assessment is an important tool to determine the level. After the registration process, the campus director will schedule for assessments where the examiner will determine the proficiency level of each sections of each subject. Then the level will be selected based on his/her skills and proficiency. Once the student start, there will be no grade limit. The student will go beyond his/her grade in school.

How does it benefit the student?

ORROE helps to develop the students in the following areas:

  • Boosts student’s confidence.
  • Converts problems into skills.
  • Builds strong foundation for academic achievement.
  • Promotes creativity, focus and concentration.
  • Helps to promote self responsibility and time management.
  • Invites student to become active participants in skill building and solution-finding

How much time will I see the progress from ORROE?

Usually, progress starts from four months onwards. As education is a continuous process, we recommend parents keep continue the program at least one year to see the optimum progress. To get instant feedback, you may contact the existing parents or go through the testimonials.

How much time does ORROE require?

Students need to attend ORROE twice a week and do assignments five days a week. Usually, assignments can be completed by ten-fifteen minutes of each day.

Is there any grading standard?

ORROE is committed to maintain its quality and standards. Students have to achieve at least a minimum of 80% marks in each consecutive final assessment tests.

How long does it take to graduating the program?

ORROE consists of four modules with fifteen levels. Each level needs four months to complete. After successfully completion of each level, student will receive a progress report within the next three weeks and the graduation certificate will be awarded upon the completion of full course requirements.