About us


ORROE is an organization for academic success, providing afterschool supplemental programs to school children. It is an integrated system of skills enhancement and academic development, which includes i-math, language arts, i-presentation and i-study skills. We offer quality educational services through research, teaching and learning.

ORROE is broadening opportunities for its students to help them improve skills and explore hidden potentials, which could increase through self-learning techniques.

Our program helps students develop skills and pastoral care to instill ethical values and social responsibilities. We inspire students to bring academic progress and all-round success in all areas through presentation skills, study skills, and new initiatives in teaching and learning.

ORROE is an innovative place, where every child can explore skills and creative learning capabilities, retrieve true potentials that can lead to grand success. A place of “skills and academic enrichment” is our brand concept, as we believe that nothing is impossible; everything is possible.



Why With Us?

The secret of our students’ success comes from training with ORROE’s Integrated Skills and Academic System™, which is only available at ORROE and its authorized centers. In today’s challenging world, everyone looks for competitive advantages. Let's see how our Integrated Skills and Academic System™ give you the edge.


Individualized Training

We believe that every child has individual potentials. Through ORROE’s unique Integrated Learning™ System, we explore what your child has, and needs. Based on the requirements, we customize the materials. Our curriculum is classroom-tested; research based, and meets North American standards. We believe in creating a friendly environment that motivates children to learn while having fun.


Skill Based Learning

Our unique lesson contains a clearly defined objective, exercises, and tests the understanding of the content. If your child does not understand a lesson completely, a revision or further lesson shall be arranged before moving on to the next one.


Learn through an Effective Way

Research shows that "Learning by Doing" is the best effective way to understand what we learn. By just listening we remember 30%, by just scanning we remember 40%, but by practising, we remember 70%.

We follow interactive learning technology that incorporates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. With ORROE, your child learns not only by listening but also by practising.


Progress with Practice

The effective way for children to learn and progress in school and life is through practice both in class and at home. Doing home assignment at a regular basis is the key to success.


Credit for Acceptable Level

Credit for previous skills and training may be credited to students who are able to pass successfully in the placement exams with standard scores. The score indicates acceptable levels of proficiency in specific skills areas.

Why ORROE is Unique

Our concept is unique, as are our students. The core concepts are the combination and integration of five cornerstones of solid academic structure: i-math, language arts, i-presentation, study skills, science and technology. Developing language proficiency is the key, because English is the medium of academic learning and global interaction. Developing proficiency in math is key, because math is at the center of all sciences. In addition, developing presentation skills is a vital element for academic and later on in professional career. Developing and enhancing study skills is the key, because these are the skills that are required for all subjects, for all levels of study, and beyond academics.

This is how the ORROE concept is reflected in our program:

Tasks for reinforcing concept knowledge
Tasks for practice (in-class and at-home)
Teacher-led instruction progressing to self-learning strategies
Regular evaluation and progress tracking
Regular, individualized, remedy-based feedback to students and guardians
Teacher-led error correction, developing self-correction strategies

Mission & Vision


To advance the students'skills, academics and beyond for the well -being of communities. We are committed to achieving the highest quality of student care teaching, innovation, community partnership and accountability.


Our vision is to develop confident and competent children accepting tomorrow's challenge. To explore the unlock potentials enhancing skills and in academic development of young children, which bring the community forward.


I found Orroe program innovative for children considering every child's individual needs which made them unique. My fifth-grader son is enjoying the program and I have noticed he is improving every day. All the teachers at Orroe are very friendly and serious about their students' development.

Hasnat Tareq

Hasnat Tareq


Discover the true potentials within the child

Our unique learning system closely associated with the communication channel TPS- teacher, parents and student. Lack of any single components of TPS, we don't get expected feedback from the children. If you want to make a difference in children lives fulfilling the parent expectation, please forward your résumé to career@orroe.com or nearest campus director.

Current job openings

ORROE is looking for a dedicated, passionate and sincere teacher who wants like to work with students and has the ability to teach math and science for Grades 9-12. We offer individualized attention to excel the learning capabilities and boost up academic progress.

The applicant will possess the following criteria:

  • * Extensive knowledge of Grade 9 -12 Math and science curriculum (including Algebra, Functions, Calculus and Trigonometry, Chemistry, Physics and Biology)
  • * Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills

Only candidates who meet our proficiency requirements will be contacted shortly.

Please send resumes and cover letters to:

ORROE Danforth & Victoria Park
3040 Danforth Ave, Suite 5
Toronto, ON, M4C 1N2
Email Us : career@orroe.com

ORROE is looking for a dynamic, dedicated and enthusiastic sales executive who wants to grow with our growing team.

General Summary:

Achieves maximum sales profitability, growth within an assigned territory by effectively selling the company’s products or related services. Personally contacts new business customers.

Core Functions:

  • * Promotes/sells/secures orders from existing and prospective customers through a relationship-based approach.
  • * Demonstrates products and services to existing and potential customers and assists them in selecting those best suited to their needs.

Details of Function:

  • * Develops and maintains business relationships with existing and prospective customers in the assigned territory to generate new business for the ORROE’s products and services.
  • * Makes phone calls and in-person presentations to existing and prospective customers.
  • * Researches sources for developing prospective customers and for information to determine their potential.


  • * Demonstrated aptitude for problem-solving
  • * Ability to determine solutions for customers (consultative sales approach).
  • * Must be able to work both independently and in a team environment
  • * Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • * Proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite applications


  • * Reports directly to the campus director.

Only candidates who meet our proficiency requirements will be contacted shortly.

Please send resumes and cover letters to:

ORROE Danforth & Victoria Park
3040 Danforth Ave, Suite 5
Toronto, ON, M4C 1N2
Email Us : career@orroe.com


What is ORROE?

ORROE is an afterschool and supplemental children skills and academic enrichment program. It is an integrated method of children skills development, which includes English, math, presentation, study skills and science and technology. ORROE is committed to creating a new era of young children equipped to overcome the challenges of a competitive growing environment and develops skills needed to use their true potentials.

What is the right age for ORROE?

Students may start this program through preschool through junior grade. Brain cells are tremendously active between the ages of 4 to about 14, when the brain is super active. In addition, childhood is the peak time to enhance and utilize the full potentials of their brain.

How do we determine the student benchmark?

Assessment is an important tool to determine the level. After the registration process, the campus director will schedule assessments where the examiner will determine the proficiency level of each section of each subject. Then the level will be selected based on his/her skills and proficiency. Once a student start, there will be no grade limit. The student will go beyond his/her grade in school.

How does it benefit the student?

ORROE helps to develop the students in the following areas:

  • Boosts student's confidence.
  • Converts problems into skills.
  • • Builds a strong foundation for academic achievement.
  • Promotes creativity, focus and concentration.
  • • Helps develop self-responsibility and time management.
  • Invites student to become active participants in skill building and solution-finding

How much time will I see the progress from ORROE?

Usually, progress starts from four months onwards. As education is a continuous process, we recommend parents keep continue the program at least one year to see the optimum progress. To get instant feedback, you may contact the existing parents or go through the testimonials.

How much time does ORROE require?

Students need to attend ORROE twice a week and do assignments five days a week. Usually, assignments can be completed by ten-fifteen minutes each day.

Is there any grading standard?

ORROE is committed to maintaining its quality and standards. Students have to achieve at least a minimum of 80% marks in each consecutive final assessment test.

How long does it take to graduating the program?

ORROE consists of four modules with fifteen levels. Each level needs four months to complete. After successful completion of each level, the student will receive a progress report within the next three weeks and the graduation certificate will be awarded upon the completion of full course requirements.